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With our deep love for technology and innovative approach, we strive to bring value to the business world as a software consulting and solutions provider. Backed by industry expertise and years of experience, we're here to be a trusted partner in businesses' transformation journeys.

Our Vision

Our vision is to understand how technology empowers the business world and harness that power to its fullest potential. Focusing on our clients' needs, we offer tailored solutions to help them achieve their business goals. Pushing the boundaries of technology and triggering our clients' success, we bring the most creative ideas to life in every project.

Areas of Expertise

We operate across a wide spectrum of software consulting and solutions, from financial software solutions to industrial automation, energy sector to big data analytics. This diversity enables us to provide our clients with more effective, efficient, and innovative business solutions.

Our Values

Customer satisfaction, quality, and innovation form the core of our business values. In every project, we commit to using the latest technologies without compromising our quality standards while focusing on our clients' needs. Collaboration and communication are the building blocks of successful projects, and we embrace these values to the fullest extent.

Why Choose Us?

We understand the intensity of competition in the industry, but our distinctiveness lies in our ability to find and implement creative solutions in every project. We don't see technology merely as a tool; instead, we utilize it as a strong driving force for businesses' growth and development. The collaboration we establish with each client is a cornerstone for achieving better results and ensuring long-term success.

Meet The Team

The diverse skills, experiences, and perspectives of our team members enrich our work. We come together to adapt to the swift changes in the realm of technology and to provide solutions across various sectors. This diversity is our source of strength.

Ezgi Erdoğan

Ezgi Erdoğan

Co-Founder, CEO

Under the leadership of Ezgi, City Vity continues to grow with its dedication to technology and customer-centric approach, making strides towards successful projects. Ezgi maintains a strong impact in the business world, and shares the belief that they will continue to write new success stories in the future.

Alper Erdoğan

Alper Erdoğan

Co-Founder, CTO

Alper is a seasoned expert in the field of technology. They oversee critical responsibilities such as shaping technology strategies, fostering innovation, and delivering high-level solutions. Alper is a guiding figure in City Vity's technological success and is recognized for their drive to shape future innovations.


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